Wednesday, 28 September 2011

T shirt Painting

Fabric Painting

It was really hard to decide a design or a clip art to paint on a  tshirt. Even more as I wanted to gift it to my would be husband. Lots of thoughts were in my mind. Didn't know would he like it or not. Hopefully he would not find it funny and kiddo etc etc.
Then mummy helped me and we finalized 'Hum Tum' clip art after many ifs and buts. I sketched it directly on cloth. No tracing paper was used and just painted in 2 sittings as i wanted to complete it ASAP. My most favorite gift.

The reaction i got after he received this was aweeeee... he just loved it.Wore it next day and sent me this click. :) :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Ribbon Weave Card

This is a ribbon weave card. Flowers at the corners are punched and arranged one over the other. Hope u like it!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

3 Folds Card

Front View

Flipping One fold

3 Folds opened
I liked this concept of half fold with one print and half another.. still I believe this will look more beautiful with more bright prints. The flower is made up of punch craft joining many flowers together. Hope u like it !!

Colourful Stripped Card

Best part I like about this card is the bow.. I made it using two different paper.. and it came out so neat.
I m starting card making again after few months and back in this ( ever changing and improving with innovative ideas) field, I feel wow !! Lots of new things to create. :)

Hence, trying out my ideas. It is such a great pleasure to see the complete card at the end and pleasure multiplies after hearing words of appreciation.

Its a simple yet attractive card that highlights the use of various patterned strips in the square. Square could be modified to any other shape , may be a lovely heart for lovers ;)