Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pen holder

I made this purple pen holder with a useless carton as its base. The decorative beautiful purple paper is from an old wedding card of my relative. Wedding cards these days comes up with gorgeous textured papers. I dont waste them instead use it to make traditional envelopes or for this kinda purpose. The flower is origami kusudamas flower . I just learnt making it and loved its shape and petals. Planning to make more projects using these pretty flowers. The triangular shape of the holder was fun to stick. It gives a different feeling of joy to make things out of waste.

Sending it to

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Happy Bday Mommy

Swing Card

Another side
 My Mummy is fond of peacock feather. Whenever I ask her for a suggestion while decorating anything , she always comes up with a mor pankh or chunri paper (peacock feather or red printed paper). So I thought to quill a feather for her. Distance increases  love , truly said. Never in my life, had I made a card for my mom... but now when we are in two different cities I designed one...and am so excited ... and even more to hear to her comments. Though she is yet to receive it. Hope u like it.