Friday, 12 October 2012

Moments holder

Hi !! Sharing one more frame with you all for our "Diwali gifts"  collection . You can view the previous one here.  The flowers I have used here is from crafterscorner which I won from beyondgrey challenge .  I have used grain gross kinda paper for bg . Embellished with few fringe flowers and punched flowers in addition . Touch of pearls always rocks . ;)  I loved this two color combi a lot.

Hope you like it too .

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Festive theme

Hi dear friends.. Here come the festive season and my mind started giving me signals to go traditionally crafty.  So , we are working on Diwali gifts for our Oranjee creations .

For this frame , I choose a deep red bg , little quilling experiment for paisley , and random designs using 3d out liner .
We generally make such designs in Rangoli or Mehendi. I love to make both . Also , these are my favorite designs to scribble at the back of any note book , on news paper while talking on phone or anywhere :P

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lady with quilled lilies

Framed version

 Hi all , I took around 2 months to complete this frame , long long story  ;)
Once I was chatting with my sis on skype when we decided to try this after we saw it here .  Immediately  I started to draw its face and it was done in not more than 1.5 hrs . Oh , I was super excited to call sis back again to show and she was super glad and amazed to see it too . It turned out to be so delicate and innocent. Then started the hunt for kind of flowers we wanted to make for it . Ufff  we tried few techniques , few I didn't like , 2-3 she didn't like . .( so we took weeks to finalise the kind of flowers )  and selected this from a quilling book she won from a candy. This is so unlike me , as I don't think and plan a lot to make a project.
The yellow water coloring was a random and quick play.

Sorry for bugging you all with my story :p   but I had to share it.

We loved it. Hope you like it :)

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