Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dry Fruit Packing.

This "chakri" i made on the occasion of sankranti for packing dry fruits for my would be in laws. Initially i thought of taking a ready made chakri and cut it and decorate... but the size i was getting was not meeting my requirement.

So i choose to make it myself using pipe.I decorated its body using a nice glossy sheet of paper and flowers..

Side walls are made up of card board , decorated using  ceramic cone making warli designs all over.. warli designs are the best option to decorate anything traditionally..


Dr Sonia S V said...

Such lovely work. Kudos to you.
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V

lavina agarwal said...

loved this!!!

Karan Agrawal said...

It was really creative stuff! Everyone were very impressed! Description and all is good! :)

Saru Singhal said...

Beautiful work dear, I love it. I wish can use it for coming festive season.


GeethuSathiyaN said...

Jus now went thru ur blog,lovely creations..especially this ceramic cone work is awesome...can u post the ingredients required to make the ceramic paste and color type u used here?i want to make a thali for my cousin's wedding soon...i'm waiting for ur reply..pls do help me.thanks!!

Jyoti Agrawal said...

Thanx Geethu for your lovely words. Ceramic paste require fevicol (DDL) and ceramic powder. Make a not-very-loose paste out of it, make a mehendi type cone of it and draw.Here I have used the paste directly as I wanted it to b white. U can mix fabric or poster color while making the paste if u want colorful work. Hope u got ur answer.


sumathi kalpana said...

Hai...Very creative work..

Dry Fruits

praveena puppy said...

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

Dry Fruits